Aurogra 100 Coupon : Up to 30% Off

Aurogra 100 Coupon : Up to 30% Off
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Aurogra 100 :

Aurogra 100 tablet is a Generic form of Viagra made by Aurochem® Laboratories Pvt. Ltd. The chemical combination of the tablet and its impact equal to renowned erectile medication. This tablet is suggested as an oral medication to treat the erectile problem for needed men only for sexual activity. It looks like a diamond shape with blue color and it contains the main ingredient is Sildenafil citrate and possible to buy it online. The essential dynamic ingredient of the medication is sildenafil which has been effectively used to treat erectile problems in men of age above 20 years. The impact of the medication goes on for around five hours in the long-lasting.

Nowadays most of the men always worry about the impotency or erectile problem and that worried people should take this tablet in the right manner helps to solve erectile issues. Aurogra 100mg or Kamagra 100 tablet contains sildenafil which increases the bloodstream in your penis to get a full erection. Taking Aurogra is one of the best approaches to treat the state of Erectile Dysfunction in a man. This medication apart from helping a man in getting erection additionally helps a man in getting more strengthen. It is subsequently significant for a man to stay comfortable during the sexual moment but the stimulating process needs for him to see the impact of this medication.

Man who got this erectile issue that makes his panic during the sexual activity and he really ashamed to discuss with his partner. They want to find the solution for medication for an erectile issue so Aurogra 100mg and Kamagra 100mg tablet is the best solution for them.

How to take Aurogra 100 ?

Aurogra is an oral medication that is taken 30 minutes before having intercourse. This medication can be taken with or without food and is generally kept away from heavy cholesterol food.

If you are taking some other medication duration, to be discussed with your doctor before taking this tablet, Otherwise this tablet mix with your current medicine to developed an unusual side effect.

How Aurogra works?

  1. Aurogra 100mg doesn’t represent a medication to allow a male to get sexual incited. This cure is advantageous under situations of sexual moments.
  2. Aurogra additionally as an advantage to get an erection but you should require making out the manner a male achieves an erection.
  3. When the men get into the sexual mood, the nitric oxide spreads with help of the nervous system of erectile tissue to get an erection.
  4. Aurogra contains cGMP or Cyclic guanosine monophosphate that help to develop nitric oxide and to spread to relax the smoothen muscles on the penis.
  5. The major function of the tablet that it helps to get on the dilation of the arteries present within your phallus.
  6. The extra advantage of cGMP is that the cavernous bodies itself get together with immense blood. In conjugation, both these advancements flash an erection. Aurogra 100 tablet capacities in your body by keeping up the great measures of cGMP inside your smooth muscle cells.
  7. After taking this tablet, if not turns on you, the mind will never support the scattering of any NO and your framework will not integrate any cyclic GMP.

Uses of Aurogra 100mg

  • Aurogra 100 contains an important ingredient known as Sildenafil Citrate (Generic Viagra) which is utilized to treat the state of Erectile Dysfunction in a man.
  • Aurogra 100 processes in a man to increase the bloodstream on the penis, which causes to get an erection.
  • To know that this medication doesn’t present a man from explicitly transmitted illnesses that incorporates syphilis, Hepatitis B, HIV, etc.
  • It is critical to rehearse sex even while taking this medication.
  • Before taking this tablet you should consult with your doctor is most important, because according to doctor prescription lead you get a proper erection during the sexual moment. It is an oral medication and is normally taken with a glass of water.
  • Aurogra 100 And Kamagra 100 takes around 30 minutes to work and remains compelling for around 4 hours in the system of a man. It is profoundly encouraged to not take this medication for more than one time in a day.
  • Best to avoid fatty food or heavy food while taking this tablet because it can diminish the power of this medication.

What is the Dosage of Aurogra?

  • In the market, the various dosage of Aurogra accessible but to begin the dosage should be taken as per your doctor’s prescription. The dosage of this medication that begins from 25mg and can go up to 100mg depends upon the adequacy of every patient. The measurements of this medication ought not to be surpassed by more than Aurogra 100mg every day.
  • If you are taking this tablet along with heavy cholesterol food, that can be delayed in the medication process.
  • If you have some diseases like liver, kidney problem, kidney stone, you have to take less dosage of this medication.
  • Age above 65 aged people has to take less dosage of this medication.

What Happened If Overdose Aurogra?

Suppose you have gulped Aurogra overdose, immediately to go to your doctor or the closest emergency clinic.

Impacts due to over dosage of Aurogra:

  • More heart rate- Tachycardia
  • Optic neuropathy – damage to the optic nerve
  • Prolonged priapism
  • Papilledema – swelling in the optic nerve
  • Blindness
  • Blurry vision
  • Distorted vision
  • Rhabdomyolysis – break down of muscles
  • Vomiting

Side Effects of Aurogra

Some of the regular side effects impacts by this medicine are mentioned below:

  • It gives severe headache
  • Aurogra tablet makes dizziness
  • Nasal Congestion
  • Develop redness in the skin
  • Infection in the urinary tract of a person
  • It impacts infection in the respiratory tract of a person
  • Aurogra make rashes in skin
  • Back pain
  • It causes eye vision issues.
  • Urinary tract disease
  • It causes respiratory tract of a person

If you have some side effects, you must be stopped this tablet instantly mentioned below :

  • Having abrupt eye vision loss
  • Having abrupt hearing loss
  • Prolonged penis erection
  • Having abrupt abnormal heartbeats
  • Having an indication of heart attack
  • Getting shortest breath
  • Feeling lightheaded
  • Seizure

While taking this tablet if you have got any one of the given side effects, don’t delay meeting a doctor or get some nearby emergency clinical assistance is mandatory.

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